Pope Benedict XVI with our Ivan Luna

December 2012 Update

We start this update letter with the warmest welcome to our new supporters and friends! The entire Pag-asa family opens its arms wide, and embrace you! (Look at our logo with “embracing arms”!) Welcome to the family! And to those who have long been exchanging stories and news with us, thanks so much for staying and for your continuous support to our SAD (Support-At-a-Distance) program.

Daniele with the kids of Pag-asa

A Social Work Volunteer’s Experience

After two years, his dream of spending time serving in a remote and poor area became a reality. In fact, in January 2012 he moved to Tagaytay, a small city to the south of Manila in the Philippines. There he came in contact with a Social Center that tries to help the poorest people.

Teacher and Kids at Pag-asa

July 2012 Update

It’s been 15 years! And together we continue to help more and more children and their families – despite the economic crisis all of us are experiencing for the last years. In fact, 10 new sponsors joined us since February! For this reason we start this update letter with so much gratitude, and our warmest welcome, for them! We assure you: Your help will change the lives of “your” children for the better! In a special way, we want to thank all of you – who remained faithful over all these years.

Family Day 2012

Pag-asa Summer Activities 2012

Pag-asa has just wrapped up its yearly summer activities which include Family day and series of outings for high school and grade school students. View the Pag-asa festive 2012 summer photo albums.

December 2011 Update

Our future SPED (Special Education) teacher, RONALD MANGUIAT, the very first beneficiary of Pag-asa Social Center, is blind and currently doing ‘practice teaching’ for blind children. He has already received public recognition as one of the three BAYANING GURO’s (a hero teacher) during the commemoration of World Teachers’ Day and National Teachers’ Month. The event was aired on local TV last October and inspired all our children, even those without disabilities—to work hard and study well.