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For qualified high school graduates who started with Pag-asa and would like to continue on pursuing a college education, an opportunity for a financial assistance on tuition fee, books and materials, transportation and food allowance is also provided.


With the help of generous donors abroad, the Pag-asa Center is able to give educational, basic medical and nutritional assistance to many children and their families in need.

Livelihood Programs

We have set up a small workshop for silkscreen printing of T-shirts, called “Favola Shirts”. It provides skills training and formation on the value of work for some boys who remained jobless after high school.

Robert Swindells

Robert Swindells


As one who had made but the smallest of contributions of support to Pag-asa I was overwhelmed on my visit to Tagaytay by the welcome and hospitality afforded me. Nowhere else have I ever felt so instantly at home as I did there.

Robert SwindellsCambridge, UK
Raymund Estrada

Raymund Estrada


It was an “ultimate” experience for me in Pag-asa as I had helped in translating letters, interview with the kids and I also taught dancing to everyone. I had appreciated more my existence when I learned about the realities of their lives. I am forever grateful to Pag-asa for giving me that enormous opportunity to feel the fullness of joy serving my brothers.

Raymund EstradaTacloban City, Leyte
Leandro Jose Tesorero

Leandro Jose Tesorero


At first I thought when I volunteered in Pag-asa, I would be the one who would be helping, but instead Pag-asa helped me… alot! From the barrio visits to the value of studying,  to the realization of being able to contribute in my own little way,  to a dream and a “hope”! :)

Leandro Jose TesoreroSilang, Cavite
Freddy Marr

Freddy Marr


I feel lucky to have been part of this wonderful organization. I know that I only had contributed a little but it’s always a joy to see the happiness on their faces. Each time I leave for home, I always bring home wonderful memories with everyone I meet there and how much I miss them when I’m back in the USA.

Freddy MarrSan Diego, California
Alberto Modenese

Alberto Modenese


During the five months that I was working in Pag-asa social center, I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I found a big family ready to embrace everyone, they do a great job for the people and everyone just gave me amazing memories! I really hope to be able to return there in the future, as they really mean a lot in my heart!

Alberto ModeneseVerona, Italy


The activity here is excellent!

Yasotoshi MoriJapan
Basilisa Turno

Basilisa Turno


Pag-asa Center had improved much in facilities and even in personnel and most specially in the services they give. As  an experienced Community / Public Doctor,  I wish I could regularly come to offer my service in the future. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to do pap smear with my former personnel.

Basilisa M. Turno, M.D.Batangas, Philippines
Daniele de Patre

Daniele de Patre


Coming to the Philippines and working at Pag-asa has changed everything in my life! I’d be bringing home many wonderful experiences. Life is much more than what can be counted or measured, but it is the set of all those little acts of love which gives us happiness, binds and creates around us a wonderful family, such as the Pag-asa Social Center.

Daniele de PatreItaly
Aurelio Maria Rodriguez

Aurelio Maria Rodriguez


It’s not so easy to put into words the many beautiful things I learned and realized during my stay in Pag-asa. Pag-asa changed me as a person and how I view things. I realized that if we looked at poverty from the point of view of Love then we will understand that it has a lot of beautiful things to give – it’s a value and not a cancer as many would call it.

Aurelio Ma. RodriguezCebu City


You’re a gift to the world!

Student (Special Course on Inculturation)SVD, Tagaytay City
Peter, Eva, Tomas and Reena Tatransky

Peter, Eva, Tomas and Reena Tatransky


We thank you very much for your warm welcome and for the care you give to the children of Pag-asa Social Center!

Peter, Eva, Tomas & Reena TatranskyCzech Republic
Hero Angeles

Hero Angeles


I will never regret helping others especially the people of Pag-asa. It’s the least I can do to keep them inspired and hopeful in reaching their dreams.

Hero AngelesActor (Philippines)


I am personally very much taken up by the service at PSC. The cultural program given by the children were superb and wonderful.

Fr. Michael JoeIndia
Andrew Camilleri

Andrew Camilleri


Pag-asa has been for me an unforgettable experience, through which I have experienced God’s love for the needy people and in return their generous response full of dignity.

Andrew CamilleriMalta, Europe