Boxes of biscuits donation

December 2018 Update

Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, once said, THE YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF OUR COUNTRY. If we look at how Pag-asa children perform in the first semester of the school year, then I guess yes, there is hope. They have once again shown exemplary performance in specific areas of their school life.

Rotary Club Papenburg helps Pag-asa Social Center

Papenburger Rotarier helfen weiter auf Philippinen

Papenburg. Der Rotary Club (RC) Papenburg setzt seine Unterst├╝tzung f├╝r ein Hilfsprojekt auf den Philippinen fort. Einen Scheck in H├Âhe von 7600 Euro ├╝berreichten die Rotarier jetzt an Frank Schmelzer vom Pag-asa Social Center in der Stadt Tagatay. Das Sozialprojekt f├╝r Kinder aus bed├╝rftigen Familien l├Ąuft seit 20 Jahren.

September 2018 Update

We would like to welcome first the new sponsors of Pag-asa, including a group from the New Families of the Netherlands. In order to support additional children, they organized a lunch concert. During the concert, six Gen 4 showed up in the hall carrying with them canvas pictures of 6 of our applicant children, and within just a minute, all 6 children each found a sponsor.

December 2017 Update

We are about to end our 20 years anniversary, and yet we feel like we are only starting. Let us look back once more at how, together with you we have reached this milestone. We may have written you about the blessings received from Divine Providence, the different projects that emerged, and the many successes of Pag-asa. We have not written you though about what happened behind these.

August 2017 Update

Twenty years is a milestone we never thought we would reach but because of your immense generosity, we have come this far. Even the warmest, most sincere thank you is not enough to show how grateful we are to you for helping us turn 20. To commemorate this anniversary, we invited some of you to reminisce how we began, to witness what we have become, and to visualize what we want to achieve in the next 20 years.