Boxes of biscuits donation

December 2018 Update

Our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, once said, THE YOUTH IS THE HOPE OF OUR COUNTRY. If we look at how Pag-asa children perform in the first semester of the school year, then I guess yes, there is hope. They have once again shown exemplary performance in specific areas of their school life.

Rotary Club Papenburg helps Pag-asa Social Center

Papenburger Rotarier helfen weiter auf Philippinen

Papenburg. Der Rotary Club (RC) Papenburg setzt seine Unterstützung für ein Hilfsprojekt auf den Philippinen fort. Einen Scheck in Höhe von 7600 Euro überreichten die Rotarier jetzt an Frank Schmelzer vom Pag-asa Social Center in der Stadt Tagatay. Das Sozialprojekt für Kinder aus bedürftigen Familien läuft seit 20 Jahren.

September 2018 Update

We would like to welcome first the new sponsors of Pag-asa, including a group from the New Families of the Netherlands. In order to support additional children, they organized a lunch concert. During the concert, six Gen 4 showed up in the hall carrying with them canvas pictures of 6 of our applicant children, and within just a minute, all 6 children each found a sponsor.

Daniele with the kids of Pag-asa

A Social Work Volunteer’s Experience

After two years, his dream of spending time serving in a remote and poor area became a reality. In fact, in January 2012 he moved to Tagaytay, a small city to the south of Manila in the Philippines. There he came in contact with a Social Center that tries to help the poorest people.

Teacher and Kids at Pag-asa

July 2012 Update

It’s been 15 years! And together we continue to help more and more children and their families – despite the economic crisis all of us are experiencing for the last years. In fact, 10 new sponsors joined us since February! For this reason we start this update letter with so much gratitude, and our warmest welcome, for them! We assure you: Your help will change the lives of “your” children for the better! In a special way, we want to thank all of you – who remained faithful over all these years.