December 2014 Update

After the “storms” that we have encountered in our lives in the past months, this festive greeting suggests that we set aside everything, specially our problems. Enjoy and celebrate the advent, the birth, and the epiphany that encompasses the merry-making season. Moreover, the Christmas greeting suggests also that we prepare the best gift we can offer to the Baby on the crib by setting aside many things so that we can better prepare gift of selfless love to Him. There are many ways to do this.

Pag-asa in Netherlands

The Rotary Club of Papenburg (Germany) and Pekela (Netherlands) held a Summer Market last August 16 – 17, 2014 in Burcht Wedde, Netherlands. The Rotary Clubs put up a grand fundraising campaign for Pag-asa Social Center for scholarship and rebuilding of the institution from the damage of July 2014 typhoon.

July 2014 Update

Through Starkmacher e.V. we participated in the project: “Young People’s Business” which refers to a wider project aimed at creating a network between different civil society associations worldwide that work with young people, and young entrepreneurs growing their own business ideas. It is a project supported by the European Union. Part of the one-year-project was an international workshop organized by the Associazione Culturale Modo, with the patronage of the city of Udine, Italy. Three of our youth working in Favola, and its endorser, local actor Hero Angeles, joined thirty other youth participants from different countries.

Report about the Supertyphoon Glenda, Pag-asa Social Center and Favola-Shirts Building

I am writing to you in behalf of the entire Pag-asa staff, families, and community. I would just like to update you about what happened to us during and after the supertyphoon Glenda. It was an evening no one from Tagaytay expected. In my 13 years of stay in Tagaytay, it was one of the most destructive typhoon I have ever encountered.