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Hero Angeles

  I will never regret helping others especially the people of Pag-asa. It’s the least I can do to keep them inspired and hopeful in reaching their dreams.

Robert Swindells

  As one who had made but the smallest of contributions of support to Pag-asa I was overwhelmed on my visit to Tagaytay by the welcome and hospitality afforded me. Nowhere else have I ever felt so instantly at home as I did there.

Freddy Marr

  I feel lucky to have been part of this wonderful organization. I know that I only had contributed a little but it’s always a joy to see the happiness on their faces. Each time I leave for home, I always bring home wonderful memories with everyone I meet there and how much I miss [...]

Andrew Camilleri

  Pag-asa has been for me an unforgettable experience, through which I have experienced God’s love for the needy people and in return their generous response full of dignity.

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