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School Supplies Distribution


For the families we are helping, shelling out an average of $30-$40 or 26euro-35euro at the beginning of
the school year per student for school supplies alone can be give the parents of our supported children a
headache. Most of them even have two or three children going to school at the same time so imagine
how much they have to shell out from their pockets. Fortunately, there you are our dear friends that
help them save money on supplies during this hectic back to school season!

School supplies are expensive! It’s been estimated that these annual purchases cost $30 or 26euro per
elementary student and up to $40 or 35euro for high school students!

That is the reason why so many low income families struggle to get their children enough school
supplies. As lists get longer and more expensive, it’s a real challenge for our families to fill those
backpacks. Fortunately, there are many kindhearted sponsors that help our families get subsidized
school supplies and start the year off right!